Why you need a coach

by Admin

Posted on Mar 4, 2019, 02:54 PM

Why you need a coach

So we're now into month 3 of the year. How's those new years resolutions going? Did you hit your goals? Have you stagnated? Or have you just not got started yet? 

So where does a coach fit in you might be asking yourself? 

Well, first off, unless you're an expert or very competent in something, you'd normally call in the professionals. Most people wouldn't service their own car or boiler or fit their own new kitchen. Yes, some people are capable and will do it themselves and do a good job, but, for most this isn't the case and the professional will always do a better job. 

So what will a coach do for you and can this be done online?

Can it be done online? 100%, it's made even easier when you have an amazing platform like the Bodies Made Online site as you literally have all the tools you'd ever need. 

So what is the coaches role then? The coach for want of a better term is the architect. He designs the overall plan, helps with execution and then holds you to account. 

So what does this look like from start to finish you might be asking? Well, once you sign up for our premier tier, it starts off with an in depth consultation with your coach. 

We discuss and agree goals and we then build a fully customised workout plan and diet around you and your preferences. 

Once we start, the coach will then hold you to account to make sure you reach your goals in the shortest time possible. This is carried out via an online weekly check in. Here we examine weight loss, your week in detail and what factors may have impacted the figures and make tweaks as we go. 

Weight loss as a whole is an ongoing process as is fitness, so the plans and diets we start with on day 1 will evolve as time goes on and your goals change. 

Finally, motivation and expertise! Both Ricky and I have been on this journey and without going into our well documented stories, unlike a lot of the other transformation coaches out their, we've actually been there! We're experts through actual experience and not just on paper or through theory. 

If you're ready to meet your goals and need a coach, we're here for you! Head over to www.bodiesmadeonline.com for your FREE 7 day trial