7 tips for 7 days

by Admin

Posted on Mar 3, 2019, 11:11 AM

7 tips for 7 days

So as another weekend draws to a close and we approach the next week, here’s 7 general diet tips for you:

1) Quit the crash diets - they flat out don't work. Eating like a bird will have you eating like Jabba the Hut after a few weeks.

2) Ditch the liquid calories - Starbucks Mochas, fizzy drinks, juice and the "healthy" juices are loaded with sugar and calories.

3) Be cautious with foods that are jam packed with fat and sugar. They are so easy to over eat because of their ability to bypass your calorie control centre and latch on to the pleasure centre of your brain.

4) It's hard to over eat veggies so, eat up!

5) Lift weights and do some cardio. Both are great

6) Eating out should be a special occasion - Do other things like read, go for an outdoor adventure, go see a movie, have sex (it’s fun anyway!), walk around the city, and make eating at a restaurant a 1-2x per week thing max (unless it's for work then pretend, you're at home and eat something healthy from the menu).

7) Avoid snacking - Snacking isn't bad but it can be easily abused. The people who eat lots of snacks are the ones who are usually massively overweight (we’ve been there). So, if you want a snack make it a part of your meal plan and eat something like healthy like an apple with Greek yogurt or some oats. 

So, there it is, our tips for the week ahead. If you’re ready to get serious with your diet and getting your transformation started, why not head over to www.bodiesmadeonline.com and signup for your FREE 7 day trial