Unlocking the real you!

by Admin

Posted on Mar 1, 2019, 01:17 PM

Unlocking the real you!

Before you embark on your transformation, here’s the BIGGEST thing that surprisingly, a lot of people don’t know about the key to transformation 

70% of any transformation is about nutrition and only 30% is made up of training! So, what we’re saying is that if you haven’t got your nutrition on point you are set to FAIL! Sounds brutal and maybe you’re a little confused by that so read on. 

It’s amazing how many people actually take this for granted and think they need to be in the gym 6 or 7 days a week and working out for hours on end to get the results they want. The truth is that you can achieve amazing results on half that with the right diet and overall plan setup (training, nutrition and protocols)!

Here’s a thought process for those of you who have spent any regular amount of time in a gym before. Have you noticed the one guy in the corner. You know the one who’s always there 7 days a week for at least an hour? Now ask yourself, why does this guy always look the same and doesn’t change? He’s clearly putting in the work, right?

The answer is you can’t out train a bad diet! That guy could have some absolutely stellar results and may be scratching his head as to why he’s not, but nutrition is the answer. 

You’ve probably also heard the expression abs are made in the kitchen or you are what you eat and it’s absolutely true. Only an incredibly miniscule portion of people are genetically gifted enough to have them otherwise and if you are, you’re probably unlikely following our page!

Now, not everybody’s goals are the same granted but if you’re putting in the work in the gym it’s time to put the work in in the kitchen as well and get the results YOU deserve!

On the BMO site our platform is packed with all the protocols you need to get results but most importantly our members receive the correct calories and macronutrients that they need to achieve the results they deserve. 

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