Weight training purely for fat loss?

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Posted on Sep 1, 2019, 09:53 AM

Weight training purely for fat loss?

It has been proven that after weight training, your metabolism can be working extra-hard for up to 36 hours after your workout, meaning you burn more, faster, speeding up your weight loss process by leaps and bounds. Now multiply that out over a year’s time.

Following a typical moderate session utilising cardio training, you may lose an extra 40-80 calories in a period. Same for aerobics, it would take an incredibly long time, and an extreme amount of work for mediocre results.

Your metabolism is best with weight training

Weight training will allow you to build up your muscle mass – which will then cause your metabolic rate to stay much higher at a resting rate, meaning you burn weight faster.

Drawing up a short, simple answer – the more muscle, the higher the metabolic rate your body maintains. The conversion of fat to muscle is key as well, as muscle keeps tone and stays much longer.

Your Perfect Body Through Weights

Cardio training, as we all know, does not help in reshaping your body, it simply rids of the excess fat we store. You are left with a smaller version of what you started with – the use of weight training causes the loss of only fat, not the beneficial parts that you lose during cardio training, enhancing the curves of your body, tonging them into the sexy love-groves you desire.

Women are taught that their bodies are incapable of developing a high degree of muscular buildup and toning - that couldn’t be further than the truth. We have all seen female bodybuilders – such results are possible.

Lifting weights brings up the metabolic rate in our bodies, creating a better capacity for burning fat. That is a great thing.

With weight training, you develop both weight loss and tone, a win-win.

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