7 reasons you're struggling to create that calorie deficit!

by Admin

Posted on Aug 14, 2019, 02:42 PM

Whatever way we look at things losing weight (fat) is the priority of most people and not simply the normally phrased 'weight loss'. Creating a calorie deficit is what it's all about, it’s exactly how i lost all my weight, to a degree. Either by eating a little less, exercising a little more or a combo of both.

Here are seven reasons to address as to why you're not achieving your calorie deficit.


You think less is better. If your maintenance (keeps your composition stable) calories are 2000. Both 800 calories and 1800 are both deficits. One is sustainable and one isn't. If it's non-sustainable you will fail.


You try to sustain a non-sustainable dietary regime and exercise regime. If you don't believe you can do it consistently and indefinitely it's wrong for right now. As you lose fat you will value the return on your investment more. 


You have cheat days or cheat meals in your vocabulary. A marginal calorie deficit means you can still eat indulgent foods and fit them into your plan. You also don't feel the need to take 'days off'.

If you hate your work you can't stand the thought of working at weekends. If you love your work you'll happily work 7 days a week if you need to get things done.

Love your diet, don't feel guilty about food. If they fit your numbers you're doing it right.

Suffering doesn't equate to results.


You ban and eliminate foods you enjoy. That's non-sustainable. Hence will fail.


Some foods are like negative people. Keep them at arm’s length or they will pull you down. Identify those people, be aware of them and keep that distance and defence up.

You will have foods that will pull you down and you have hedonic, binge like behaviours around. Keep them at arm’s length and be aware of them.


You think a mess up writes things off. It's like hitting a pothole in your car. You then don't drive it into a wall, do you? Get back on track.


You excuse yourself too much. You validate in your head having 'little bits' or 'it won't hurt'.

If you skip 20 questions out of a hundred question exam saying 'it won't hurt' you're not passing.....period.

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