Cutting your weight means cutting calories – the most important part.

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Posted on Jul 18, 2019, 04:05 PM

Why have I been gaining my weight back after dieting? You ask – that is easy – popular diets often only account for certain areas of our dietary and nutritional needs, often ignoring other very important parts of the body that our diets act upon.

The appropriate monitoring of your diet and exercise regimens, along with adopting the right diet, will ensure your dieting success. Micronutrients are the core of this:

Protein - This is key to your body’s creation of tissue and muscle – if you want to gain healthy weight or build muscle, protein is where to go.

Fat - It isn’t as bad as it sounds – fats are actually great for the body, but, it can make our hormones go crazy. You should keep your fat consumption to about 25% of your calories for the day.

Carbs - We all eat up carbs! The entire world loves them over. Carbs produce glucose, which our bodies use as energy, then of them as the power that powers our bodies.

Fiber - A carbohydrate without the calories. It keeps you regular, and is good for your digestion. An all-around winner!

Carbohydrates and proteins both give your body 4 calories per gram.

Fat gives much more, at 9 calories per gram.

If you eat more calories in a day than you burn, you gain the difference in the weight. For example, if you eat 2,300 calories in a day and burn 2,000, you will gain that difference in weight. However, you cannot just cut a certain number of calories from your body in a day and expect to lose healthy weight, as during this process you lose other things as well, such as water.

A good place to start cutting out unnecessary calories are your daily deserts, sugary latte, or sugary breakfast cereal, or, alternatively, you could swap out these items with lower-calorie variants. You can try general smaller portions, as well, such as eating your usual dinner on a smaller plate to watch your caloric intake. Watch your serving sizes as well, some foods have serving sizes which are less than what you would believe!

By following all these steps, even you can drop your unnecessary weight!

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