Did you know a mars bar has a whooping 260 calories

by Admin

Posted on Jul 2, 2019, 05:13 AM

Did you know a mars bar has a whooping 260 calories.

Takes a few seconds to eat, but how long does it take to burn from some extra time on the treadmill?

Too long.

With my current weight of 80kg it'd take me an entire 30 minutes of moderately intense activity to burn it off.

How painful.

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But remember, the number you burn from the same activity goes down week after week

Because our bodies are so clever and adaptive.

Be cautious not to fall into this trap of 'Oooh I've done 5 minutes of walking to the shop, I've earned this multi pack of Maltese’s'

Best to keep a rough track of your calories so if you do ever want some treats you have the power to add some into your diet.

See how the calculator will give lower figures for calories burned the lighter the weight you put in, so its another reason as you lose weight it gets harder and harder to lose more and you need to be able to add some new stuff in because the activity you started off with to lose weight gradually becomes less effective.

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