Maintaining Results

by Admin

Posted on Feb 28, 2019, 01:43 PM

Maintaining Results 

We get asked a lot, how did we achieve our results and then how do you maintain them? Do we spend our whole life on a ‘diet’?

Well the simple answer is no and that It’s all about BALANCE! If you want to eat your favourite foods and have the odd sneaky glass of wine then there’s no problems there, you just need to balance the equation of energy in vs energy out. 

There’s a few ways to do this which are really simple:

Eat less another day or during that day - The equation is ongoing and not assigned to a single day. One high calorie day in isolation won’t make you fat. Lots of calorie surplus days without an equivalent deficit will. 

Move more - Walking, going to the gym or any other form of exercise will burn extra calories so if you enjoy some extras you can burn them off just don’t use exercise as a form of punishment for enjoying something. 

This is how we enjoy life and still achieve great results, we work for it and balance the equation. Life is for enjoying and what fun would it be if you never got to enjoy the occasional treats. 

As a rule of thumb, most people can stick to around the 80 / 20 rule as long as when you hit the 20 part you think about the overall equation. 

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