What’s the best chest exercise?

by Admin

Posted on Jun 19, 2019, 09:48 AM

What’s the best chest exercise?

So, following on from our recent series of what’s the ‘best’. Today we are going to answer what we think is the best chest exercise.

So, most people are going to say bench press here. It works evenly across the chest with lots of stabilisers coming into play. So, do we think it's the best? 

Actually, we're going to say in our opinion, the best chest exercise is flat dumbbell bench press. 

Why? Well, the reason we think this is the 'best' exercise is that it has all the benefits of bench press but has the added advantage of isolating each side of the chest. 

What we tend to see with a lot of clients is that they are typically stronger on one side (usually the side of dexterity) and this prevents the stronger side doing more work therefore giving even development. 

So, how many reps? 1 to 6 for strength and and 8 to 12 for hypertrophy. 

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