Does my Bum look big in these genes?

by Admin

Posted on Feb 28, 2019, 01:42 PM

Does my Bum look big in these genes?

For some people who struggle to lose weight, you may have heard them say that genetically it’s impossible for them to lose weight or get leaner and this becomes their go to excuse. 

So is it all in the genes? Well, genetics can make it easier for certain body types to get leaner or build muscle faster but it definitely doesn’t prevent ANYONE from doing either. 

We’ve never had the best genetics when it comes to getting lean and maintaining it compared to others. Of the 3 classic body types, we’re both endomorphs which is the classic wide hips, short limbed pear shape who find it easy to store fat! Has this stopped us achieving our goals? Absolutely not and our pictures are testament to this. 

Where certain things work better for different body types (lower carbs and higher fat for endomorphs), we do have advantages as well as disadvantages. Our advantage is we build muscle really easily compared to other body types, so we play to our strengths and make muscle growth the cornerstone of any plans (including when we get lean). 

Have we had to work our arses off to get a decent foundation/base to work from and maintain? Yes we have! Weight loss isn’t easy regardless of body type but you’re not predisposed to not losing weight genetically either. Genetics is just another factor to consider.

So how do you achieve your goals you’re probably thinking? Well, you need a plan! At BMO our platform can help you achieve your goals regardless of genetics. On our premium service for example, when we look at building your custom nutrition and training plans, body type is one of the many things we consider to deliver the right plan to deliver the best results in the shortest amount of time for you. 

Yes, you still need to put in the work but we do all the planning for you, you just need to execute the plan. We’ve never regretted all the hard work and you won’t either! 

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