Which diet do I need?

by Admin

Posted on Mar 22, 2019, 02:10 PM

Which diet do I need?

If you really want to change your body and transform your lifestyle into one of fitness and health, you need to ditch the fad diet plans. 

The secret to staying healthy isn’t using some magic formula, it’s making lifestyle changes that will work over the long-term. While you can certainly lose a lot of weight by cutting your caloric intake in half from the start, a true lifestyle change is required if you want to keep the weight off once it’s gone.

Losing fat and being healthy is not a race you can sprint through, it’s a journey.

In our opinion, the word “diet” has no place in modern society. It’s harmful and should be gotten rid of entirely. Here’s a few reasons why we are passionately against “dieting”:

They DO NOT work.

Over 90% of people who engage in dieting put the weight back on. By definition, going on a diet is a temporary thing. It isn’t designed to work over the long-term. People who would benefit from keeping the weight off aren’t helping themselves when they go on a diet. 

When the diet is over, there’s a “boomerang” effect and the weight often comes right back. It’s also common for people who constantly diet to then engage in binge-eating, causing even more health problems over time.

Overly restrictive diets also often lack many of the nutrients you need to maintain a healthy body. Lack of nutrients leads to physical and emotional health issues including decreased immunity, loss of hair, irritability, and infertility. More than that, restrictive diets don’t teach you how to be healthy. They only teach you how to be miserable.

When you place a rigid restriction on your food, you take away your ability to share a meal with your family and friends. We’re social creatures, and nearly all of Western society views eating meals together as something to be enjoyed and cherished. Why deprive yourself of that and get stuck drinking shakes for every meal? There are better ways to live.

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