Real change Vs the Big Bang approach

by Admin

Posted on Mar 20, 2019, 04:32 PM

Real change Vs the Big Bang approach

This is David

David has been with BMO for a few months and is well on the way to making lasting lifestyle changes as his pictures below show. David came to us as he wanted to look and feel better generally, and he’s set a goal of reaching 13 stone which we’re actively working towards. 

How are we achieving David’s results to date? 

David works out 4 days a week from home (no gym membership required!), leads an active lifestyle now so averages around 8000 steps per day which we don’t target. With his nutrition plan, David is currently on just over 2000 calories per day to achieve these results so far. 

At BMO, we believe that transformation is not about setting unrealistic goals or making targets so aggressive that clients end up with an unsustainable plan but making REAL, long term lifestyle changes. 

So, what does this mean in the real world?

Well, building a plan that fits in with YOUR lifestyle is the key. Unless you specifically want to get crazy ripped in a short space of time and have a set date in place, we don’t tend do use this approach. Why you’re probably asking? Well, we want something that sticks is the simple answer! 

Don’t get us wrong, we do set targets! But, here’s what we don’t do:

That crazy fast or big bang approach! This isn’t really sustainable over the long term. You might achieve some great results in the short term, but most clients hit the short-term goal and then bounce straight back or end up in a yo-yo dieting cycle gaining and losing the same 10 – 30 lbs because they’ve achieved it in a non-sustainable way. 

Here’s what we do subscribe to that help clients achieve long term results:

- A workout routine that you enjoy and fits around your lifestyle

- A sensible nutrition plan that is easy to stick to with foods you enjoy and match your lifestyle. 

- Helping people understand and create an overall healthier lifestyle. 

It’s really that simple! Create something that fits people’s lifestyle that they can adhere to and the results WILL follow. 

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