Are you invested in you?

by Admin

Posted on Mar 18, 2019, 03:19 PM

Are you invested in you?

We all like the nice things in life so no doubt recently over Christmas or in the New Year sales, some of you may have picked up the latest iPhone or laptop or other such worthy investments which leads us on to the main question of today’s topic. When was the last time you invested in you and your health?

Sounds silly but for a lot of people, that may actually be NEVER!

Is having a BMO subscription expensive you might ask? Well, for a little over a £1 a day you could grab yourself an online account (what does a quid buy these days?) or £4 a day buys you fully customised personal training. So the question is now, what’s it to be?

It all comes down to priorities in life and how much value you place on items. Many people will happily pay £50 a month for the latest phone, £80 for sky TV, £12 on a packet of fags or £20 a week on a single Costa coffee each day but, ask them to spend money on themselves and their health, and they’re suddenly very reluctant to spend anything! 

Ryan knows all to well that placing health at the bottom of the list of priorities could literally kill you (his heart attack stopped his heart for 3 minutes!). The moral being don't wait till it's too late and you have a massive health scare before you do make it a priority. 

Now imagine we said you could lose as much weight as you needed to, you would look better, younger, feel better and have greatly improved energy, confidence and zest for life! How much would that be worth to you? Surely the answer isn’t nothing!

So for all you action takers ready to invest in yourself, head over to and sign up for your free Bodies Made Online account.