Our founding story is one of passion, inspiration and overcoming all the odds regardless of your current level of fitness. We're two regular guys and we created Bodies Made Online as the ultimate online personal training platform to help others create their own exceptional body transformation and share all of our combined experience and knowledge. Let us show you how you can unlock and achieve your ultimate fitness goals.

Unlike most other trainers and fitness companies, we've truly been there, and our incredible personal stories are a testament to this and what can be achieved regardless of where you're at right now


Growing up, I had little knowledge on being healthy and even less on what I should put into my body. I was 18 years old & 294 lbs...

My diet consisted of basically whatever I wanted, I preferred watching TV instead of going outside. I was the definition of couch potato. 

I was suffering with pretty bad depression and food was my only comfort...yet it made me even more miserable. I dealt with savage bullying that just made me carry on living the same way I always had, hiding away, eating junk food and keeping myself to myself. 

My turning point was on a family holiday in Spain. I was standing outside a restaurant watching rugby on the TV when a group of guys I had never met before told me to get out the way and that there was a whale in the way of the TV. They laughed in my face about the way that I looked and my weight. Up until this point, I had buried my head in the sand! At that moment everything unwound for me. I was in floods of tears and knew I had to take action! 

In that moment, I'd had enough.

I had enough of hating myself.

I had enough of not feeling confident.

From that day on, I made a promise to myself.

I vowed to learn everything about training and weight loss and I would implement everything for myself.

After 2 years, I’d lost 8 stone and completely changed my life!!!

I was finally happy with who I was. I no longer cared what others thought of me.


I'd spent most of my life overweight and made some of the worst possible life choices and at 38, I nearly paid the ultimate price.  I was 273 lbs & so unfit I couldn't climb a set of stairs without being out of breath. I led a sedentary lifestyle working a desk job from home, ate lots of junk food and smoked 25 - 30 cigarettes a day. 

I knew I was out of shape, I hated the way I looked, felt, and very self-conscious. Like most, instead of making a change, I buried my head in the sand for years, until one day, my life changed forever.

On the 2nd August 2016, I had a heart attack. for 3 minutes, my heart stopped beating and the ambulance crew had to defibrillate me twice to restart my head. 

All my bad life choices had finally caught up with me. A million questions raced through my mind, but the biggest question was how this impact me for the rest of my life? Sitting in the back of that ambulance, on my deathbed, I knew that if I survived...something had to change.

Fast forward 2 years I lost 98lbs and got into the best shape of my life!

Having realised how short life is I literally questioned every life choice I had made from my marriage through to my job. Today my life is totally different. I am no longer married, I’ve changed my whole life and now coach fitness to help others make similar transformations. 

I now have more energy, confidence and zest for life and have literally amazed and shocked everyone around me including the cardiology team who looked after me after my heart attack.