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Experiyence of GYM

Our founding story is one of passion, inspiration and overcoming all the odds regardless of your current level of fitness. We're two regular guys and we created Bodies Made Online as the ultimate online personal training platform to help others create their own exceptional body transformation and share all of our combined experience and knowledge. Let us show you how you can unlock and achieve your ultimate fitness goals.

Unlike most other trainers and fitness companies, we've truly been there, and our incredible personal stories are a testament to this and what can be achieved regardless of where you're at right now


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Video Content

Access our ever growing video library. Learn about training, exercise, mindset, motivation, and other principles.

Exercise Program

Whether you're a beginner or expert, in a gym or at home we have and create personalised and custom workout plans

Nutrition Guidance

Let us take the guess work out of calculating your daily calories, macronutrients and diet.

Trainer Support

Dedicated individual trainer support and access to our private groups and support materials.

Downloadable Content

Our library has a wealth of documents on all fitness related subjects.

Progress Chart

Progress tracker to montior and track your daily progress.


Our Packages

Affordable Pricing

  • Nutrition Plan - Custom nutrition plan for you, yourself body, lifestyle and goals. UPDATED EVERY 8 WEEKS.
  • Training Plans - Based on your goals. Home workouts & Gym based workouts - UPDATED EVERY 8 WEEKS
  • Video Content motivational
  • Nutrition Video - Helping you understand how to effectively diet and achieve your goals.
  • Motivational Videos - Help keep you focus
  • Exercise & Form Videos
  • Diet Plan Breakdown
  • Built in messenger system that links direct to me
  • Macro & Calorie Plan
  • New content, videos, recipes, workouts, motivational videos, exercises, nutrition tips and much more added each week.
  • Progress Daily Tracker
  • Weight Tracker
  • Fitness Information
  • PDF Content Downloadable Content
  • Workout Tracker - Track what I’ve done, how many you did and what weight you did it with.
  • Check In Tools
  • Private Member Facebook group
  • BMI, BMR & TDEE Calculators - Workout your bodies Body mass index, Total Daily Expenditure & Your Basal Metabolic Rate.
  • Trainer Support
  • Weekly Q&A In Private group
  • Delicious Food Recipes
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